2016 Best of the Worst

2016 Best of the Worst on LKBE

I thought it would be fun for me to share with you my…

2016 The Best of my Worst

The food that bombed, my flops and fails that didn’t make it on my blog this year.

2016 is sitting in the rear view mirror and we’ve said our good-byes to each other.

I am ready for 2017 to make a grand entrance.

Why in the world would I share food fails?

You need to know when I post about a recipe, it has been tested and taste delicious.

Because in this world of editing to make everything look perfect for advertising, social media & blogging, it IS important for me to share my best recipes & pictures with you.

Since things don’t always go as we plan in life, I want to use this post to be transparent with you.

Like everyone in the world, we experience peaks and valley’s. Normally you will just see the good food and pictures I produce.

But there are times a recipe is NOT good or a FAIL.

I am not afraid to share those fails with you in hopes to gain your trust, respect and maybe even make you laugh.

Photographs and Taking Pictures here at LKBE

I take my own pictures for Little Kitchen Big Eats and I shoot with 3 different cameras: a Nikon, a Cannon and my iPhone. Yes my iPhone! Apple has great cameras on their phones.

I took some photography lessons before I launched this food blog. Like anything you practice, you get better at it the more you do it.

I love taking pictures! I was challenged to take pictures for 365 days straight.

So even when a food fail happens I still shoot it. Not because I plan to post to mislead you. But so I can continue to sharpen my photography skills.

Okay, so here we go with some fails…

I killed the yeast

So bummed with this one! A couple of years ago I took a year and dedicated it to learning how to bake with yeast.

This yeast journey taught me how to make breads from scratch-no bread machine. I learned to make several kinds of breads, buns, pretzels, and many kind of sweets (I gained lots of knowledge and weight!).

I knew I killed my yeast when it was happening, my milk was hot…so my dough never proved and wouldn’t rise.

Those cinnamon rolls I had been craving were a fail from the get-go.

They didn’t make it to a blog post in 2016. 


My apple pie was awful

We went apple picking early in the season to snap some family pictures in the orchard. But guess what?

None of the red varieties of apples we love had ripened-they were big but still green and not very sweet.

My pie crust came out beautiful, perfect-wonderful!

The pie filling here is a different story-it needed more sugar because of those green apples and my pie was watery because I let the apples sit in lemon water. I didn’t drain that off well.

So the pie was runny and needed a lot more sugar. I managed to salvaged the pie- I added corn starch & sugar slurry and popped this back in the oven to set up.

This wasn’t my best apple pie. So I couldn’t blog about it. However the crust was perfect and I blogged about it here on how to make pie crust.

If you read this post, you will notice, I never mentioned this apple pie and now you know why.

A goal for 2017: I will redeem myself with a better than ever apple pie and will share it with you.

The apple filling part was a FAIL.


Carpet Ham

This one isn’t a true fail. Actually this ham came out AWESOME!

Nothing was wrong with the ham. In fact, this glaze was scrumptious-I was excited to share about the currants, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar and apple juice glaze. 

I started shooting in my Little Kitchen but needed to moved to another room with better lighting.

So I placed the ham to a platter and put that on a rolling cart.

I gathered my stuff to shoot and rolled everything to spot with better light.

BUT…where I rolled the cart I didn’t realize the cart wasn’t level until it was too late.

My ham, this beautifully glazed ham, FELL ON THE FLOOR! It fell because I turned my back to set up and a wheel was off balance from the carpet and tile that I halfway rolled it on. So this caused my cart to tip over.

My beautiful, hot ham landed mostly on my carpet and some on my tile floor. Ham juice went everywhere!!!

I grabbed my screaming hot ham with it’s carpet dirt & hair sugary glaze and got it all back on the platter. Yep, I wanted to cry.

Cleaning up was terrible and lengthy. Ham juices are SUPER greasy and it was everywhere.

So technically I didn’t fail on cooking this ham. I just couldn’t blog about this ham. I did make ham again and blogged about leftovers here and here.

Since I did manage to snap a few pictures before it fell, I can share that with you.

I can look back and laugh today. I now affectionately call this: Carpet Ham.

Chicken Soup

I like chicken noodle soup when I’m not feeling good. I swapped the traditional egg noodles for these orecchiette instead. Even my kids prefer when I make chicken soup with these little noodles now!

The orecchiettes holds the broth or sauce of whatever it’s in.

Since I wasn’t feeling good when I made this, I wasn’t paying attention so this soup had a lot of lemon juice.

But not enough of that chicken soup feel.

My husband said he thought it wasn’t good. I thought it was and my kids & I ate this.

But to be fair, when I’m under the weather my taste buds are off. This recipe isn’t a complete fail, but this batch of soup in my photo shoot was a FAIL.

Shrimp & Grits

Shrimp and grits are a staple in the south, especially in South Carolina.

I have made delicious pots of shrimp and grits for years. I have been successful in a fusion spin to this dish.

shrimp & grits fail

But for some reason when I went back to an original way (pictured), this was awful!

I knew something was wrong when my husband only took a couple of bites.

This was NOT good! I had to agree with him and I did a few things to try to salvage what I could.

The fail was a combo of my leaving some ingredients out and I failed to brown the shrimp first. I usually brown the shrimp in rendered fat of the andouille sausage. But I totally forgot to here.

I will post about Shrimp & Grits and my fusion spin. But this pot of shrimp & grits could not make it on a blog post.

This was a FAIL!

Burnt Tips

In the spring when asparagus is in season, we eat a lot of it!

And my favorite way to cook asparagus is by way of roasting it. Roasting is a great way to cook almost any vegetable.

Roasting brings out the natural sweetness and is so easy to place on a tray. Then let the oven do it’s thing.

But you should NOT ‘set it and forget it’ or you ‘burn it‘ like I did.

This particular bunch of asparagus was thin (we love them thin!) with a bread crumb and cheese topping.

The recipe is a hit! BUT I left them in the oven too long. So the tips & ends were burnt.

Burnt asparagus  = FAIL!


So there you have it…

The Best of the Worst in 2016 from Little Kitchen Big Eats.

These fails didn’t make it in a blog post in 2016 because it is important for me to be honest with you. When you come here in search of a recipe, you can trust that I have posted a tried & true recipe that taste delicious.

I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year and sharing more delicious recipes with you in 2017!

As always, you can catch me on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

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Happy New Year!


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