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About Nova Little Kitchen Big Eats 

Hi I’m Nova! I am the recipe creator & food photographer here at Little Kitchen Big Eats.

“Big Eats” are what I call my recipes I’ve created over the years in my Little Kitchen.

My influences for fusion food are from food I grew up eating, working in restaurants and living in the north & being raised in the south.

Some of my Big Eats are inspired by travel, my husband’s fishing & hunting adventures, food that reminds me of my mom and recipes that have my spin.

A Little About Me

I am Puerto Rican, my parents are from the island but I was born in New York. We moved around before we settled in South Carolina where I now live.

While I have not attended formal culinary school,  I do have experience from working in the restaurant industry.

Also I learned a lot from my mom who was a fantastic cook. I treasure the time we spent in the kitchen together.

Being a wife & mom I learned to speak a love language through food. This love allows me to express my creative side that I share with my family & friends and here with you.

Biggest influences in my cooking

I met my husband in the South and we have two children; a Little foodie who isn’t afraid to try Big Eats & a child on the opposite end of that spectrum (but at times we are surprised at the both of them).

Any chance I can hide fruit or vegetables in my Eats or make it healthier without my picky eater knowing, I do! You will see me share those tips that work in my home.

My family does not want to be photographed and for any pictures of them to be shared. So you won’t see any pictures of my clan here.

I totally respect their wishes and their privacy.

TestIng My Recipes

Did you know that I test my recipes?

I test recipes at least a two times and share them with my biggest fans, my family and friends. I live for their praises just know they are also my critics with high expectations.

However, just because it’s me, they do not let me get by with any error-they expect me to bring my “A” game with all my Big Eats.

Getting A Little More Personal

I love Jesus Christ and believe He is real.

Jesus has done amazing things in my life, my heart and my eyes have been opened to His Love story for this world we live in.

My journey through life was not easy because I traveled the rough road.

But I can be open and real with Jesus and He has forgiven me. I am here today because of His Love Story.

What do I enjoy most about cooking?

It is the joy I get when I see that look in my family’s face that lets me know I’ve created something wonderful for them.

And I enjoy the memories I’m creating in Little Kitchen with my children.

Did you try a recipe? Let me know how it turns out!

I’d like to know. Please leave me a comment at the recipe you made.

And share it with me at Pinterest FaceBook Instagram or Twitter  and #Novalkbe or #LKBE.


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Thanks for stopping by to read this to get to know more about me.

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