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Using a photo or a recipe on your website or blog?

Do you want to use a recipe or a photo of mine? Thanks for asking me-I really appreciate that you are here looking into it!

The answer is usually YES! BUT I need you to do the following:

Send me an email letting me know what you want to do. Let’s talk about this!

**No photo editing or altering to my photos are allowed.**

Keep these expectations in mind: You must include two links once we talk.

One link directly linking the recipe or photo you’re using and the second link directly to my home page.

For example you could say: “I made the Shredded Beef Tacos  from Check it out!”

Working with me

You seem interested in working with me? I’m flattered you would consider me!

Here is a Little about me: I want to work with companies or brands I enjoy & respect and feels the same about me. And I believe I should give my honest opinion with readers (pro’s and con’s) when I’m reviewing a product.

I need to share with my readers when I am reviewing any brand and product, affiliate marketing or sponsored post.

Let’s connect to see if we are a fit for working with each other! Contact me here for a Media Kit or to start the ball rolling.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

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