shredded carrot hack

Easy Hack for Shredding Carrots

Hack for Shredding Carrots

Quick and easy to toss in your stir fry, salad, soups or any meal!

Okay, okay, okay-I am really excited to share this ‘HACK’ with you.

I know it’s not going to change your life or make you tons of money. But this is such a great tool for making shredded carrots in NO TIME.

You may never reach for a bag of the already shredded stuff from your grocery store shelf or need to dust off your food processors again!

After I bought this, I wondered if I was buying something that would get tucked away only to be used on occasion.

But I was wrong! I’ve used this tool a lot more than I thought I would.

The first time I saw this tool in action “I want one” came to mind. And decided that I would be on the look out for it.

I didn’t know the name of it, so it didn’t occur to me to search online for this tool. Or I would have bought one immediately.

This is the tool I purchased:

On a visit to one of the local Asian Grocery Markets in my area I decided to ask the owners about this.

They knew exactly what I was looking for! And I was led to an aisle of beautiful Asian housewares, plates, bowls, flatware, a fantastic selection of chop sticks, many other things and this little tool, the hand-held vegetable shredder.

Walking down this aisle made me feel like a little girl in a candy store.

I was super excited as I went through every shelf and opened boxes meant to be opened and enjoyed all the beautiful things I found.

I took this tool home and immediately began to shred carrots.

It is super easy to use so I ended up shredding way more than I needed. It works in the same way as a vegetable peeler but it shreds your veg instead. A certain amount of pressure makes thicker Julienne cuts; easy pressure creates thinner cuts.

I have made long strips to work as pasta (or with long pasta), salads, stir-fry’s and spring rolls. And I make shorter Julienne cuts for my spicy cilantro lime coleslaw, broth based soups, lettuce cups, carrot salad, etc.

While I typically use this for shredding carrots, I have also used it with my hard cheeses.

And if I’m left with odd pieces of carrot I save it for my smoothie the next day. Or freeze it with my veggie scraps I save for making stock.

I really like using this hand-held tool over my box grater or food processor because the clean up is so quick (as in the dish washer).

As opposed to the box grater or processor-my dish washer doesn’t get into all those nooks and cranny’s so I end up hand washing those tools.

I bought this hand held vegetable shredder from my local Asian Market but I have found the exact one I purchased on Amazon and that info is shared in this post.

If you purchase this tool from my link, I may receive compensation. But I am not being compensated to share this post with you. The opinions I’ve expressed are my own. I purchased this item and wanted to share this neat tool with you.

Have you seen a hand held vegetable shredder like this before?

Have you ever shopped at an Asian Grocery Market before?

What do you think? What other veggies would you use this tool for? Let me know-I’m curious!

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