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Healthier Fish n’ Chips

A Healthier Spin to

Fish n’ Chips

Okay, so when you see what I’ve made you know this recipe is a bit of a play on words. BUT it IS also a healthier version of the original Fish n’ Chips.

Do you like to eat fish? I do! Have you eaten Fish n’ Chips before?

The original Fish n’ Chips is traditionally made with cod fish that’s in this fluffy crunchy deep-fried batter (yum!).

Fries are the chips served with malt vinegar (more yum!) on newspaper-a fish eaters delight!

If you like cod fish, every bit of this is delicious! And heavy and greasy.

The Cod Fish

I grew up eating cod fish, so when I first had cod deep-fried it was EASY for me to love eating it this way.

But like everyone, I am not getting younger and it’s the middle of January. It’s been about a month since I made goals (resolutions) and I haven’t forgotten about them.

I have written my goals in my meal planner, put a copy on my calendar and in places I will see them so I’m reminded of where I am headed.

Did you make any goals for health & fitness for you in 2017? How is that going right about now? I read that by this point, a lot people have started to fall off the wagon on their resolutions.

If you’ve started to wobble on your goals, don’t beat yourself up.

What works for me is writing out a game plan. My plan is laid out so I take baby steps that eventually turn into bigger steps so at some point I am running to my goal (and not making excuses to myself).

One thing I’ve done to help myself is to schedule my workouts like I would pencil in doctor appointments.

And I also schedule rest days because it gives me something to look forward to. Rest & recovery days are just as important as scheduling workouts.

There will always be objections in life that will pull me away from workouts, so planning my workouts help me stay on track.

And knowing that I want to stay on track to succeed I knew I needed to come up with alternatives for this deep-fried fish n chips meal we love in my home.

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, BLACK Fish!

Yep, black fish!  Have you had black fish before? It is also known as tautog,  but this fish is not black on the inside-it’s white meat on the inside and super tasty.

I have access to some of the best fish on this side of the USA because of my husbands love for fishing and family that fish for a living.

A couple of care packages of fish came home recently.  

And black fish was in that package.

If you like shell-fish (I do!), you should look out for black fish.

I am told that black fish feeds off of bottom dwellers. Which explains why the meat of this fish tastes like crab or lobster.

If you can get your hands on black fish, please don’t pass it up! But if you can’t find black fish and want to try this recipe, just use a fish you like. Almost any kind of fish would do well here-snapper, striped bass, etc.

My Secret Ingredient…

I’m sharing my secret ingredient to a lot of the best pan fried fish I’ve made. Over House Autrythe years I’ve been using a fish fry coating from House Autry.

My fish monger (a family member) in New York is the one who introduced me to this North Carolina based company’s product. And I LOVE it!

It cracks me up when I realized it took my northern family to help find this southern based product.

And I’ve been using this for years now.

What makes House Autry so great?

It’s the crunch it gives my fish and it taste delicious! The ‘breading’ is this fine corn meal that coats my fish-it’s not heavy or thick.

Another great thing about using House Autry is: I do not need to break out a 3 plate dredging station.

Before I get ready to shallow fry the fish I just add a little water to moisten my fish. Coat the fish in the breading (as the directions suggest). And the breading will stick to the fish-that’s it!

I am able to shallow fry my fish instead of deep-frying. And I get this incredible tasting crust around my fish. I even like it better than the deep-fried batter.

the non-dredge fish coating from House Autry

So when you combine the unique taste of black fish with the perfect crust, I never miss cod fish in this meal.

Besides the fact that this is healthier than a deep-fried fish, this cooks up quickly.

My dinner is ready in no time-in about 30 minutes.

Kale Yeah!

I needed a substitute for French fries and swapping out for tater tots did not make me feel great. 

The first time I used kale in place of fries was because I had leftover kale chips from another meal.

And it worked! My veggie eating child loves eating kale this way.

Do your kids like kale?

One way I’ve found to encourage my kids to try a new food is to have them help me in the kitchen.

I can get my kids to eat kale two ways: one child will eat kale chips all day long and loves it. But I need to hide the taste in a smoothie for my other so if they are getting some kind of healthy green this way, I’m happy.

Making kale chips is very easy. Roasting my veggies is something I like to do a LOT. It makes cooking them easy without a lot of fuss.

Just keep in mind that kale will shrink after it’s roasted. I roasted 3 large bunches of kale and it seemed like it was barely enough for us.

Some kale varieties are bitter, the kale I used here was not. If I’m using the curly kale it is bitter. So I sprinkle a little brown sugar before I roast it. That really helps balance the bitterness.

Otherwise, I just pull the tough stem out and break into large pieces (the kids can help here!). I drizzle a healthy fat (avocado oil) over the kale and add salt & pepper it on a sheet pan (or two).

Roast it at 400 degrees but after 12-15 minutes I begin to check on it. The kale can burn so check on it and mix if needs it.

And I did make tater tots for my kids to enjoy with this so long as they eat kale. They ate more kale than tots.

I also made some of my favorite spicy cilantro lime cole slaw with this. A great combination of flavors. This meal is a win win in my Little Kitchen.

I hope that if you are looking to eat healthier in 2017 that you would give these Big Eats a try.

This meal is healthier than the original deep-fried version. It also comes together super quick for those busy weeknights. 

If you do try this, let me know how it turns out- I would love to know. Leave me a comment below.

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Good luck as you stay your course to your goals for 2017!


Serves 4

Healthier Fish n’ Chips

15 minPrep Time

30 minCook Time

45 minTotal Time

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  • 1-1 1/2 pounds of fresh fish (like Black Fish, Striped Bass or Snapper)
  • 1 1/4 cup of House Autry Fish Fry breading (more if needed)
  • oil of choice for shallow pan fry
  • 3-4 bundles of fresh kale cleaned, large stem parts removed and kale torn into large pieces)
  • salt & pepper
  • 1-2 tsp brown sugar if using curly kale to help with bitterness
  • 2-4 tablespoons of oil such as avocado or olive or grape seed oil (or use what you've got that you like)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Clean and prepare kale (remove larger tough stem) and tear into large pieces (the kale will shrink). Place kale on sheet pan (or two) and modestly sprinkle your oil of choice. Sprinkle salt & pepper to your liking over the kale. Mix with your hands and roast for 12-15 minutes. Cook time may take 20-25 minutes but check half way through so your kale doesn't burn.
  2. Moisten cleaned fish with water and shake off excess moisture. Place breading either in a bag or plate and coat fish generously-shake off excess.
  3. Pan fry with fish several minutes on each side depending on the size or thickness of the filets.
  4. Serve with lemon wedges or malt vinegar.
Recipe Type: Super Easy


I prefer to use a flavorful white fish like black fish. But I could easily swap this out for striped bass, flounder or snapper. Feel free to use whatever fish you like best or can get your hands on.



***This is not a sponsored post and I have not been compensated to express my opinions about products or places mentioned. I personally enjoy using House Autry products and purchased what I used for this post. And I wanted to share with you something I enjoy using in my Little Kitchen.

I visit any & all any grocery stores, markets, butcher shops, specialty grocers, warehouse stores, health food stores and any farm stands. I love to visit and shop for food anywhere. I have found House Autry at several grocery stores I visit. And I found that Wal-Mart offers the biggest selection of House Autry.***


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