nutella cookbook & avocado oil

Nutella Surprise and Avocado Oil

A Little of This & a Little of That…

Nutella Surprise & Avocado Oil

I like chocolate, A Lot!

Do you like chocolate? I have to remind myself there are people who don’t enjoy eating chocolate as much as I do.

Even harder for me to imagine is there are people who don’t even have a sweet tooth. They only crave salty things and pass on desserts or sweet treats.

That is difficult for me to imagine because I do enjoy a sweet and salty combo. But I couldn’t imagine one over the other.

I’m not constantly eating chocolate and sweets. But when I crave sweets, I do think of chocolate…chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream-all things chocolate.

Are you on #TeamChocolate or #TeamCandy?

My husband and one of our kids are candy loving people. They like Skittles, Sweetarts, Spree, Star Burst, Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, any kind of chewy candy-these two are in their happy place, together.

They are #TeamCandy.

Well actually both of our kids will gladly eat chocolate with me. But one of my kids really has an appreciation for chocolate like I do.

We like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate covered nuts, with fruits, cookies, brownies, pudding, chocolate grits, and chocolate milk.

I could list more but I’ll stop there.

Several years ago my mom bought me one of those chocolate fountains that you put melted chocolate in. And it flows melted liquid chocolate continuously.

You put anything in this from pretzels, berries, marshmallows or whatever you can dream up and then you get to enjoy it covered in chocolate.

This is so much fun to break out (but super messy)!

You can bet we are #TeamChocolate.

So it wouldn’t surprise anyone that we like to eat Nutella.

Do you like Nutella?

There are a lot of chocolate hazelnut spreads now and I’ve tried several of them. But we like Nutella the best. I think it taste the best.

We found Nutella in the Library!!!

I love visiting the library. nutella cook book

And I make frequent visits with my youngest child.

Before we left recently, we zipped through the adults non-fiction section when I saw this.

Do you see this picture?

I had to give a double take! And I ran over and grabbed this.

I couldn’t believe that this IS a book and not actual product. I was tricked until I realized it was a cookbook!

And if I’m being honest, I was giddy with excitement to check it out and bring it home.

Have you seen this cookbook before?

nutella cookbookAnd if you could see my #TeamChocolate child’s face when I showed this to them you would laugh!

We probably made the same face when we first laid eyes on this book.

They came bolting down the stairs thinking this was a warehouse club size of Nutella.

My #TeamChocolate child enjoys Nutella so much that I bought them a tub for Valentine’s Day. 

After we looked through the book, we were doing a happy dance at the thought of making some of the recipes in the book.

If we have success with any of these recipes, I will be sharing those with you.

If you have this book or have made any of these recipes, please let me know what your favorite is.

Stay tuned for some Nutella recipes!


Avocado Oil

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Someone asked me about avocado oil because they noticed that I use it in my recipes. I’m excited to share what I know about it and how I use it.

For years we have all been told how great olive oil is for us. It’s heart healthy and has those good poly- & mono-saturated fats.

But a down side to using olive oil is it has a low smoke point so it’s not good for high temperature cooking or grilling and frying.

I grew up with olive oil and use it now in Little Kitchen. And I enjoy the way olive  oils taste.

However, I’ve put down my bottles of olive oil for my new favorite oil

Avocado oil 




For years we’ve been told (or probably read) that avocados are a “good for you fat.”  Just like olive oil, avocados are high in poly- and mono-saturated fats.

This is the only oil that compares to olive oil in the heart healthy area. In fact avocado oil is higher in poly-saturated fats.

So if you are looking for heart healthy benefits, this might be something to consider.

And unlike olive oil, avocado oil is flavorless. So if you are comparing flavors of oils, olive oil and coconut oil definitely impart a mild flavor to what you are cooking or baking.

But not avocado oil! It doesn’t have any fruity or nutty notes when you taste it. Now you wouldn’t want to dip any fresh or crusty bread in the avocado oil like you would extra virgin olive oil at an Italian restaurant. 

Avocado oil is not going to flavor a salad dressing or soup like an olive oil would, if that matters to you.

But avocado oil has a higher smoke point than olive oil. Up to 460 degrees which means I can saute, fry, grill and cook a lot more with it than olive oil.

And I’m still getting those heart healthy benefits!

Where to find it

When I first starting buying avocado oil I could only find this at a couple of specialty stores and it was very expensive.

But now I see avocado oil on many grocery store shelves which probably means it’s gaining in popularity and the prices will be more competitive.

I’ve found the best price at the warehouse store I shop at, Costco. I got the biggest bang for my buck there. And I like the kind I’ve been buying which I’ve pictured for you. This large bottle cost under $10.

I really like avocado oil and use this more than any other oil or fat in Little Kitchen.

But I still buy and love using coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil and butter. They definitely have a place in my kitchen! It’s just avocado oil has been my #1 oil and healthy fat to reach for when I marinate, cook, fry, grill, etc.

In many of my recipes I do mention avocado oil. But if you don’t have any of it, just use what you’ve got on hand.

If you couldn’t get on the coconut oil band wagon, maybe you can look out for avocado oil and give it a shot. And if you do, let me know how you like it and what you use with it!

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