Super Green Smoothie

 Super Green Smoothie

Did you jump on the “make smoothies at home” band wagon only to hate it?

Perhaps you jumped on the band wagon, loved it but your blender is now tucked away collecting dust.

Or maybe you aren’t sure you’re going to like a smoothie with vegetables in it.

Do any of these sound like you?

I jumped on that ‘make your own smoothies’ wagon a few years ago and love it! Actually my family loves drinking smoothies too and I typically make them every day.

super green smoothieThis recipe is healthy but it actually taste delicious because I mask the taste of veggies with some fruit. Your kids might actually like it and drink it like my kids do.

Did you know one of my kids is a picky eater who doesn’t willingly eat vegetables unless I sneak it in their food? And trust me, I sneak in veggies any chance I get!

So I’m sharing my “Kid Approved” delicious tasting Super Green Smoothie with you.

This post is because of YOU

Thank you for reading and following my blog. And thank you for the questions and feedback in email and on social media.

Several of you shared you some frustrations with drinking smoothies for breakfast, because it’s just too thick to choke down. I understand!

We felt the same when I started cranking out smoothies at home.

Some of you said you want to add veggies but you can’t make it taste good so you end up drinking All fruit smoothies.

Or you want to add veggies but you don’t want to taste them. I understand this too!

I need to do the same in order to get one child to drink healthy smoothies.

And a hot topic came up: what kind of blender do you need. Should you invest in a heavy-duty blender or can you use a standard blender instead?

So I’m sharing what has worked in my home for several years.

The Blender

The key to ‘The Smoothie Life’ hands down is my heavy-duty blender. We’ve had it for years and I believe it paid itself off within months of bringing it home because we use it so much.

Up until I had my youngest child, I used to run, a lot. And after most of my long runs I wanted to replenish my body with a cold protein packed smoothie that had fruit and veggies.

I was paying about $10 for one of those smoothies at a juice bar.

So when I found out I could buy one of those blenders for my home, I put the blender on my list of things I don’t need but I really want.

Those heavy-duty blenders are expensive (an investment!). We already had a standard blender that could make some smoothies.

I had a difficult time justifying the purchase because I thought I would be the only one using it. So I never mentioned it to my husband.

All this changed the day my husband ran into the Vitamix rep at the warehouse store we shop at.

My husband was sold by the demonstrations and food we sampled. We were both “wowed!” by all that machine could do and how quick it came together.

The rep made us soup, ice cream and a couple of smoothies all in a matter of minutes. Even our kids tried everything, willingly. And asked for more!

We walked away from the rep to discuss the pro’s & con’s of the purchase, and that day we became owners of our heavy-duty Vitamix blender.

Some ‘pros’ in this purchase: our kids are drinking smoothies with veggies in it. Which is priceless to me especially having a picky eater who avoids vegetables.

For my post run drinks, I am able to save some money by making my own smoothies at home now. And I’m able to control what goes into them.

My family drinks smoothies just about every single day now. So for us, it paid itself off.

And unlike the juicing machines out there, you consume the entire food with this blender. This means all the nutrients of your fruits and vegetables go in to the smoothie.

Some of the cons with the blender: it’s expensive to purchase  one. And there is a learning curve on making good smoothies. But it is for a short time if you stick with making them or follow some of the recipes that comes with the blender.

My blender is bulky and difficult to put away and since I’m in Little Kitchen, I’ve learned to live with the blender taking up counter space.

All that said, The BIGGEST PRO is: My kids drink healthy smoothies!

I will share those sneaky smoothie recipes I created to get my picky eater to eat drink their veggies and not know it. Stay tuned for those recipes to come!

***This IS NOT a sponsored post.***

Hot Topic Question: can a standard blender compare to the heavy-duty blender?

In a nutshell, not really. But I’m not saying you have to have a heavy-duty blender to make smoothies.

You can use another heavy-duty blender brand or bullet machine or even a standard blender to make most fresh fruit & veggie smoothies.

The heavy-duty blender we have pulverizes and liquefies all fruits and veggies into a smooth and drinkable liquid.

This makes a difference with fibrous and nutty foods that can be difficult to break down, like pineapple and celery and nuts. (And I can make nut butter with my heavy-duty blender!)

The end result is I get a SUPER smooth consistency. And when it comes to my kids, that consistency matters.

HOWEVER, the recipe I’m sharing today should be able to go through a standard blender with ease.

So heavy-duty blender or other kind, I want you to give this recipe a try!

If you don’t have a heavy-duty blender look up your blenders manual for their suggestions on how to maximize the blenders ability to work for you.

Vitamix does suggest we load our blender a certain way to get it to pulverize to perfection. 

If you are considering a heavy-duty blender but the price is difficult for you to justify, Vitamix sells refurbished blenders on their website.

Had I known this, I would have considered getting one sooner. But I only found out about it after I registered my new blender.

And most of the heavy-duty blender companies run sales certain times of the year, so if you sign up to their newsletter you will know when that happens.

There are many popular brands of heavy-duty blenders. And many people use different ones.  Which kind do you use?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Fruit Only-the not so good of making smoothies with JUST fruit

I was asked about making fruit only smoothies because this subscriber couldn’t choke down a veggie based smoothie.

I just want to mention that all fruit smoothies may not be as healthy as you think.

Fruit only smoothies with several kinds of fruit and juices can easily be heavy in the sugar department without you realizing it. And high in calories!

Some recipes I reviewed I felt you were better off having donuts or cookies for the amount of sugar that is in those smoothies.

Okay so drinking an all fruit smoothie is better for you than donuts or cookies. But when asked what I would do to improve an all fruit smoothie recipe this is what I do:

My approach to this would be eliminating several, but not all of those high in sugar fruits and swapping them out for one or two mild tasting vegetables.

You can easily mask the taste of fresh veggies (if you need to) and still make the smoothie taste good.

You can make a smoothie taste good with both fruit and veggies!

It’s Too Thick

In my home, we all agreed that we like LOTS of ice in our smoothie so I load up the blender with it. This does make your smoothies thicker.

But if you don’t want your smoothie as thick, opt for blending mostly frozen fruit and ease up on the ice.

Knowing that we want our smoothies cold & thick, the solution for drinking this was simple for us. I just started buying smoothie straws!

I found smoothie straws pictured here for $1.00 a box at my grocery store. So I pick up a box or two to have them on hand.

If you don’t want disposable straws there are lots of reusable ones on the market made for smoothies.

Drinking your thick viscous smoothie through a straw makes it SO much easier to consume.

And I found this really did solve the problem with feelings of choking down a smoothie.

Smoothie straws have a bigger opening than the standard straws and perfect for this drink. But really almost any straw will do!

Since there is a lot ice in my smoothies, as it sits and ‘melts’ any straw will work to slurp up your smoothie.

Now, try drinking your smoothies with a straw-just like you would if you ordered this out. Your kids will probably enjoy this, too!

Secret Sneaky Recipe:

The secret in this recipe is the balance of fruit and veggies.

I start with organic apple juice and a wedge of organic lime without the pith and peel. 

Lemon could do here, but lime really makes this perfect!

A whole banana and some avocado are a must for this recipe for the health benefits but also because they make this smoothie super smooth

Now add those super greens. I use organic baby spinach because it is mild in flavor and difficult to detect in this smoothie. And add a tiny bit of agave to help sweeten the deal!

If you are sneaking in veggies for your picky like me, we needed to ease into this. You can scale back on the spinach if you need to when you start making them but gradually add more.

By the way, I introduced kale with the spinach in this recipe, but my kids hated it.

They said it tasted like dirt. And it did!

I like kale so the taste didn’t bother me, but I needed to win my kids over with this drink, not me. So they get spinach. And sometimes I will add a carrot for more veggie impact but I don’t list that in this recipe. Feel free to add it!

Lastly I add LOTS and LOTS of ice. You can add a frozen banana instead but my blender suggest allowing the frozen fruit to be softened. Some mornings I just don’t have time and I want to dump everything in and blend away.

I crank this smoothie out most days or a variation of this and we love it.

I have been known to call this recipe “Super Hero Smoothie” just to get kids to drink it.

But call it what you need to if it will help your kids try it!

We are a smoothie loving family

We love drinking smoothies so much that sometimes when we go on vacation our blender is packed to come with us.

Certainly I don’t mind buying smoothies while we are on vacation. But we’ve been to a few areas where we couldn’t find a juice bar or smoothie joint.

We’ve been drinking smoothies with veggies in them for years now. And we have  gotten to the point where we crave our fruit & veggie smoothies daily.

So my blender will travel with us so we can continue to enjoy our smoothies when we travel (and it’s nice to have the blender with us for any adult beverage we want to enjoy for the beach).

Try it!

If your blender is tucked away or you wanted to try a smoothie with some veggies in it but were unsure how to make one, I hope you are inspired to try my Super Green Smoothie recipe.

This taste delicious and it’s so good for you without being too sweet or too heavy in the Super Green department. Don’t be surprised if your kids thank you for this (and your body will, too)!

Oh, tell me what variations of smoothies you like and what you can get your kids to drink.

Did you make this recipe?

Let me know what you think, leave a comment below or tell me on Pinterest, FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter #novalkbe or #LKBE

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***THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. All opinions I share are my own and what has worked for my family. Please consult your physician or dietitian if you are on restrictions with your diet.***

Serves 2

Super Green Smoothie

8 minPrep Time

8 minTotal Time

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  • 1 cup organic apple juice
  • 1 medium banana
  • quarter portion of ripened avocado (or about 1/4 cup)
  • 1 small sliver of fresh lime without the pith and peel (see picture for amount I use)
  • 1-2 tsp agave nectar
  • 1 cup of fresh organic baby spinach
  • 3 or more cups of ice cubes


  1. In your heavy duty blender, place liquid on the bottom and fill with soft items then spinach before topping blender with ice. Set to smoothie setting and allow to pulverize & liquefy on this setting. Use tamper if needed.
  2. Follow your blenders guide to making smoothies. If using a smaller bullet blender or standard blender, please read their suggestions for how to load your blender to create the best smoothie possible in their machine.
Cuisine: Smoothie-Drinks | Recipe Type: Easy


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