Thank You from Me to You

I wish YOU a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah

Ready or not, it is here. I hope you are ready!

I sincerely hope your holidays are filled with joy, peace, safety and delicious Eats! May you be surrounded by people you love and may the New Year be your best year yet.


Thank you for subscribing to my blog! And also thank you for keeping up with me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

All of those avenues have helped me grow my food blog and I am truly thankful for that! I hope I have inspired you to cook (or cook more) or to try cooking something new.

There are things I have been working on for 2017 which I will share in the weeks and months to come.

Until then, I wish you a safe & wonderful holiday season and a blessed New Year!

Nova Little Kitchen Big Eats

gingerbread family
My family does not wish to be featured or pictured on the internet, any blog or any social media. I totally respect their wishes. So this is a fun depiction of my family-except for my son’s foot which he bit off himself. Nova and her (Gingerbread) Family






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