Thanksgiving or Thanks-Giving

Thanksgiving & The Homeless Period Project

Thanksgiving is upon us. Can you believe it?!? Are you ready?
I love Thanksgiving! And no, not just because this is a day for me to layout a show stopping feast.

When I was in my 20’s, Thanksgiving became a time of reflection and appreciation. I started to become more sentimental about life and this gift we have.

Now that I am older, this really is a time for reflecting on what I’ve been given (my husband, our children, our health), our friends & family and to be Thankful to God that I am alive at such a time as this.

Do you ever do this too?

Oh wait…let’s talk Turkey

Oh my! Everyone I know either personally or connected to through social media-we are all in full swing as we prepare for the upcoming feast.

I enjoy that I get a sneak peek at what other people cook and how they prepare their meal.

Do you have a turkey yet? I finally picked one up this week! I found a turkey that I couldn’t pass up at a great price from Whole Foods. This has me VERY EXCITED!!!

Do you have traditional recipes you make every year?

I make some traditional recipes but Thanksgiving in my home is a spread with a fusion of food.

I usually have something inspired by Puerto Rico, a southern recipe or two, as well as some northern recipes that are my husbands favorites.

Do you ever change your menu up for Thanksgiving to serve something new? Or do you strictly keep with the traditional feast every year? I’d love to know what you do!

In recent years, I’ve begun to change-up one recipe each Thanksgiving or bring in something very new to our table.

Today I am going to change things up

I don’t have a recipe to share. But I do want to share something that I haven’t been able to get off my mind this season of Thanksgiving or Thanks – Giving.

I read about the Homeless Period Project, on my friends blog which stopped me in my tracks.

I think most of us are aware there are homeless people throughout our country living in our communities.

But this is different!

Let me say God bless every organization that feed and take care of the homeless or those in need not just on Thanksgiving but year round!

Belly’s are fed and needs are met! So may God Bless You!

Well, most needs are taken care of. There is a need that is not met among homeless woman and I have to share this with you.

It never occurred to me that if you are a woman and homeless, what happens when it’s your time of the month? Yes, I am speaking of the menstrual cycle.

Hang on here…stay with me please!

So what do you do?

Go buy your own products? But wait…She’s HOMELESS! 

Does she have money to buy feminine hygiene product? No she probably doesn’t.

Can she go to a shelter for help?

Did you know that homeless shelters are not able to provide feminine menstrual hygiene products for women? I didn’t know-I had no clue!!! And I wanted to take action when thinking about this.

Again, none of this ever occurred to me before I discovered the Homeless Period Project.

I am a woman and a mother of a daughter I couldn’t imagine what any woman has to go through without feminine hygiene products. What would I do? What would you do?

What can ‘WE’ do?

Would you consider, during this time of Thanksgiving Thanks – Giving to look up the Homeless Period Project to see how you can help?

  • You can donate your time by joining them once a month to make “Period Packs” to donated to local shelters.
  • Or you can donate feminine hygiene products (any type & any size) liners, tampons, pads, feminine wipes
  • You can donate any dollar amount to Homeless Period Project on their Go Fund Me campaign to help the ongoing need
  • You can help spread the word to your church, your woman’s group, your company or business or to anyone that wants to support this unique need
  • Follow their cause on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and sign up for their newsletter

And if you are in the Upstate of SC, they have 10+ facilities in the surrounding areas that they donate supplies to every single month!

Because periods are monthly, so is this ongoing need.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, would you consider how you can help?

Maybe while you are out picking up your Thanksgiving shopping you can grab an extra pack of whatever you use?

Or the next time you run out to grab feminine hygiene products for yourself, perhaps you can pick up a box for a woman in need?

Your support is also welcomed & appreciated and no donation is too small!

If you stayed with me to read this entire post, THANK YOU!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanks – Giving-Period!


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